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Technology leaders need purpose-built environments that foster innovation, and workplaces where professionals can collaborate, test, and create. Tenants and investors benefit from our efficient and cost-effective execution and flexible solutions that support expansion.


Designed on a “hub and spoke” model, the Munitions Campus will serve as an accelerant for research & development, prototyping and low-rate initial production (LRIP). Capital-intensive shared resources will be funded through a mix of public and private investment for the benefit of all campus tenants. The campus model seeks to foster an ecosystem of complimentary companies focused on a particular technology. For Munitions Campus, ACMI seeks to enable these firms with key capabilities necessary for munitions development and production. The campus will be designed to accommodate multiple tenants of various sizes, with flexible industrial and office space supporting a range of tenant needs.

Battery Innovation Campus

Accelerating new technology and bridging commercial tech for industry and defense needs

Our Battery Innovation Campus is focused on new technologies (including next-generation batteries, equipment, and recycling) and bridging commercial technologies (including electrical vehicles, aircraft, and satellites) for military use with national partners across the battery ecosystem from industry, national labs, universities, and investors. Once developed, this will facilitate unprecedented innovation of battery production technology and new battery chemistries required to meet demand for future energy storage. The overriding purpose of this campus is to accelerate the American industrial base to support what comes next beyond lithium. Leaping to a next generation of batteries based on domestically-sourced abundant minerals is critical to national security.